• Dr. Bonnie has found that cleansing is often the first step to regaining health and vitality. When she was first in practice, she wrote treatment plans and had one-on-one visits to teach her clients how to cleanse. Fourteen years later, she has been able to streamline and amplify this information through the books she has written. Now she can customize her program for her clients so they receive a personalized cleanse to address their individual health needs. Seventy years ago, cleansing was optional, or for those with a high risk occupation. Today, with over 85,00 man made chemicals and 3,000 high volume chemicals, cleansing has become a health imperative. Who will benefit from a cleanse? For healthy people, cleansing is a great preventive approach combined with other well-known healthy practices; eat whole foods, exercise regularly, drink plenty of plain water, go to bed early and cleanse one to two times a year. For people with chronic illness, cleansing is the first step to take to regain your health. Reducing your body burden of harmful chemicals and cleaning up your diet can take a big load off your body, and help you feel better right away. What about healthy young people? Undoubtedly, the people who will benefit most from a reduced body burden of chemicals is developing babies. I counsel my younger clients, especially those thinking about having a baby soon to optimize their own health with detoxification, improved nutrition, regular exercise, and stress reduction. A cleanse is often the first step in a preconception health plan.
  • Whether you are in great health and want to stay that way, or needing to heal from chronic illness, the “Cleanse Companion Cookbook” will serve your body’s needs. If you love delicious foods, this book will be your true companion for healthy nutritious meals. “The Cleanse Companion Cookbook” is intended as a reference for people on a detoxification program, providing the optimal foods to support naturopathic cleansing. Doctors around the country are using it for this and other health promoting purposes. It is a book for folks suffering from diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and any other chronic illness. These hypoallergenic recipes can help reduce inflammation so that your body can regain normal healthy functioning. It can be used to help families that need to be on special anti-inflammatory diets, as all the recipes are wheat, egg and dairy free. It is perfect as a basic diet for healthy weight loss and for optimal body composition programs when you may not want to lose weight but you want more muscle. Best of all, it has fabulous tasting recipes with the addition of sound advice on the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes as well as a variety of spices and herbs
  • The Fabulous Four Day Fat Flush Digital Book is a thirteen page document that provides explanation and thorough instructions for a short detox program.