Toxic Sweep Front Line Exposure Risk

Toxic Sweep Front Line Exposure Risk What About The Clean Up? In the fire aftermath, toxic sweep front line exposure risk is real and under reported. The EPA is in town and is teaming up with the Army Corps of Engineers, the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and other local organizations to plan a clean [...]

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Fire Aftermath

Fire Aftermath With the fire fighters' success in controlling local fires this week, the new focus will be the fire aftermath. We need to look towards the future needs and challenges in our communities. For many Northern California residents, it is going to be difficult winter. Of course there is the challenge of finding new [...]

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Menopause Health Concerns

  Menopause Health Concerns The 3 Ms Woman move through three distinct life phases; menarche, motherhood (or the prevention of motherhood!), and menopause. With each phase we experience profound changes. New health concerns surface as we move from one life stage to the next. Thankfully, many of the worries we had in the last stage [...]

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