Keto-Cleanse for Metabolic Flexibility?

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Keto-Cleanse Metabolic Flexibility

Keto-Cleanse Metabolic Flexibility

Keto-Cleanse? What’s that?

Keto-cleanse is a new term I have coined. It describes how I help people reach higher levels of health and wellness. I am sure you have heard about cleansing. You have also probably heard about ketogenic diets. What do detoxification practices and low-carb diets have in common? How do these two separate processes with divergent diets interact? And most importantly, what is keto-cleanse metabolic flexibility?

First a bit about my love for Seasonal Cleanse

I have been in love with cleansing for over 20 years. It saved my medical career in my first year of school when I was super sick from toxic exposure. First year medical student spend hours in anatomy lab with cadavers soaked in formaldehyde. Debilitating migraines that year almost ended my medical school career. My health returned after my first seasonal cleanse. I knew then cleansing was going to be an important tool in my naturopathic practice. Early in practice I started leading my patients through detoxification protocols. The positive health changes they experienced were amazing. Headaches and rashes went away; blood sugar levels stabilized and cholesterol ratios improved. Just about every condition I saw got at least a little better following a cleanse.

Fast forward eight years to 2008 when I met Dr. Rod Newton. “It was detox love at first sight”. Meaning, we both found someone who spoke our detox language. Furthermore, both of us really got how important regular detoxification practices to improve health and to stay healthy. That year we started a movement in Ashland Oregon. Hundreds of people began cleansing twice a year. I got to witness first-hand the transformative nature of completing a Seasonal Cleanse.

Tools for a successful cleanse

I hit the wall of frustration in 2009 with helping my patients find the right cleanse food to eat. One of my cleanse class participants discovered lentils. He said “Lentiles are great! I put them in water and add a bit of salt. They don’t taste too bad.” That’s not sustainable! Cleanse food should taste great! Then I met Chef Jeff who had healed himself from a diagnosis of diabetes purely with food. He’s a real foodie, and only eats food that tastes great. Together we created The Cleanse Companion Cookbook.  What a life-saver that was! Dr. Rod likes to use the term B.C., in this case meaning teaching the Seasonal Cleanse Class “before cookbook”. The cookbook allowed us to spend class time talking about all the other important aspects of cleansing.

Rod and I combined our 40 years of helping clients cleanse to create a three ring binder of handouts, instructions, tips, and troubleshooting. It was great to have the resource when teaching class but truly NOT user friendly. In  2011 we published The Seasonal Cleanse Workbook. Once again, a great tool to get the information out in an efficient, inspiring, easy to use format.

I attended Dr. Walter Crinnion’s post grad Environmental Medicine course in 2011. It blew my mind to think about all the different kinds of toxic chemicals we are exposed to. When I came home with my new expanded understanding of chemicals, Rod and I started teaching the Fabulous Four Day Fat Flush. The fat flush is a simple little cleanse designed to decrease the fat soluble compounds. Learn more by reading the Four Day Fat Flush.

Keto-cleanse metabolic flexibility and detoxification

In 2013 I was introduced to the ketogenic diet. Sure, I had heard about the Atkin’s Diet, but things had changed since the 50’s. I keto-adapted that summer and had not felt so fabulous in years. It was surprising because I had great health habits for the prior fifteen years. I ate healthy organic food, exercised regularly and did a seasonal cleanse once or twice per year. What I received from keto-adapting was blood sugar stability and metabolic flexibility. To learn more, check out my free Keto-Cleanse Ebook. Thats where you will learn more about keto-cleanse metabolic flexibility.

I began to see how mobilizing fat with a low-carb diet can assist in detoxifying stored fatty chemicals. As a result of all I learned, I have helped hundreds of patients keto-adapt while decreasing their body-burden of toxic compounds. The results are amazing! Sustainable weight-loss, reversal of diabetes, smooth menopause transition, resolution of acne, deep restful sleep, and overall improved vitality and health.

How do I recommend you get started? Gather more info from this web site and from my Keto-Cleanse FaceBook page. Before you keto-adapt, complete a Seasonal Cleanse. Set your date for keto-adapting. Buy my Keto-Cleanse Ebook and follow the step-by-step program. Need support? Set up some keto-coaching sessions offered online or in Dr. Bonnie’s clinic in Petaluma, CA.

From what I have learned, cleansing is an essential component of keto-adapting, especially with weight loss. To be safe, to achieve optimal benefit, and to reap life-long health benefits, find out how to cleanse while keto-adapting.