Keto-Cleanse Metabolic Detoxification

Keto-Cleanse Metabolic Detoxification

Keto-Adaptation: Train Your Body to Burn FatKeto-Cleanse Metabolic Detoxification

Our bodies use two macronutrients for energy, carbohydrates and fat. Metabolic flexibility is the ability to burn either macronutrient at will. People who are metabolically flexible use calories from a recent meal when in a fed state, while they burn body fat when fuel from food runs out. Most people tend to think that they need to eat frequently to have energy. However, if we eat every time we need fuel, we lose our ability to burn body fat. In short, when you eat carbohydrates every few hours, you become dependent on carbs for fuel.

While we generally think we are lucky to always have food, the net result is carb dependance. To create metabolic flexibility, you will need to actively train your body to burn fat. The easiest way to do this is with a ketogenic diet. Ketones are little balls of fat made in the liver.  Most cells in the body can burn ketones for energy. A ketogenic diet, which is very low in carbs, signals the liver to make more ketones. Once you make enough ketones, cells in your muscles and brain start to burn them. When your body burns ketones, your kidneys stop getting rid of them. Keto-adaptation is the systematic process of training your organs to make, burn and retain ketones. This metabolic rewiring takes about 8-12 weeks to complete.

The Benefits of Metabolic Flexibility

People choose to keto-adapt for a variety of reasons. The two most common reasons are for weight loss and to increase energy. Others keto-adapt to manage epilepsy, reduce cancer risk, or treat diabetes. Athletes use a ketogenic diet to enhance their performance, increase resilience and to build muscle. But its not just body builders and runners who benefit, people of all ages and activity levels can optimize body composition and exercise performance. Other reported benefits of metabolic flexibility are better sleep, mental clarity, hormonal regulation, and lower blood pressure. A low carb diet is great for treating high blood sugar, in addition it helps people with low blood sugar avoid the cranky blood sugar crash.

The Interface with Cleansing

We live in a world with over 85,000 man made chemicals. About 3,000 compounds are part of every-day life activities. We eliminate water-soluble chemicals pretty easily, but fat-soluble compounds tend to store in body fat. During keto-adaptation, and when you lose weight, those chemicals are released into the blood stream. They can then travel to sensitive organs such as the brain, the liver, and the heart. Active detoxification practices during keto-boot camp help protect those organs. Ultimately, keto-cleanse will lower your body burden of toxins, while reducing stored fat and increasing muscle mass.

Keto-Cleanse Boot Camp

Join Dr. Bonnie for her Keto-Cleanse intro class at Farmacopia on January 17th to find out more about the program. Then consider taking the 8 week Keto-Cleanse Boot Camp. The class will guide you to train your body to easily and efficiently burn fat. You will also learn how to reset your metabolism and teach your body to access stored body-fat to increase your energy. In addition, you will discover cleansing protocols that will permanently remove toxic chemicals from your body.

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