Keto-Coaching personalizes Dr. Nedrow’s keto-adaptation program. However, if you are on a tight budget and are a great self-starter, the ebook is designed to provide self-instruction and some basic trouble-shooting so you can successfully keto-adapt on your own. We are all unique individuals; what works well for one person may need to be adjusted to work well for someone else. If you are not achieving the goals you set out to accomplish, keto-coaching can help you discover how to get the full value out of this program.

Eat well on your Keto-Cleanse!

Fee Schedule

Overview of the program with personalized adaptations

This session is for individuals who have specific health concerns and need help customizing the program.

Time: 1.5 hour
Cost: $395

Please contact Dr. Bonnie to set up the program

Ongoing coaching

This option is great for people who can get started on their own, but need help adapting the program to meet long-term goals, such as decreased inflammation, significant weight-loss, or management of diabetes, to name a few. Regular support will help you stick to your goals and adjust your program based on your response and goals.

Time: 30 minutes
Cost: $225
Package of six sessions: $995

Please contact Dr. Bonnie to set up ongoing coaching

Minor adjustments

This may be your best option if you occasionally have a few specific questions you can’t find the answers to, and you are doing really great on your own.

Time: 20 minutes
Cost: $165

Please contact Dr. Bonnie for a specific question

Email support

This basic support is for simple questions that don’t require a conversation. It will be billed in 5-minute increments, based on read and reply time.

Time: 45 minutes total time, over multiple emails
Cost: $250

Please contact Dr. Bonnie to set up email support