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Menopause Health Concerns

  Menopause Health Concerns The 3 Ms Woman move through three distinct life phases; menarche, motherhood (or the prevention of motherhood!), and menopause. With each phase we experience profound changes. New health concerns surface as we move from one life stage to the next. Thankfully, many of the worries we had in the last stage [...]

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Coconut Oil, Friend or Foe?

“Coconut Oil Isn’t Healthy, It’s Never Been Healthy” USA Today, June 2017 This is the news bulletin that out of the blue popped up on my phone last month. Wait a minute, is coconut oil, friend or foe? My first thought was, “did I get it all wrong, am I giving my patients bad advice?” [...]

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Keto-adaptive Program

Keto-Adaptation: Train Your Body to Burn Fat Efficiently Research, personal exploration, and the experience of clients who have experienced keto-adaptation — a way to train our bodies to burn fat — have been absolutely amazing. It has opened worlds of possibilities we could not have imagined. When you learn to burn fat as fuel, it makes [...]

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