Seasonal Cleanse

Keto-Cleanse Metabolic Flexibility

Keto-Cleanse Metabolic Flexibility. What's that? Keto-cleanse metabolic flexibility is a new term I have coined. It describes how I help people reach higher levels of health and wellness. I am sure you have heard about cleansing. You have also probably heard about ketogenic diets. What do detoxification practices and low-carb diets have in [...]

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Sauna for Health

History of Saunas Saunas have been around for thousands of years, in diverse cultures all over the world. They have served important social and spiritual functions. They are also valued for promoting health and treating illness. The Fins, from whose language the name sauna derives, have been enjoying the health benefits of passive sweating for [...]

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Seasonal Cleanse Program

Health is more than being free of disease. Women today are searching for optimal wellness and vitality, with abundant energy to give our gifts to family and community, and to enjoy our time with those we love. Gracefully balancing a full life, in what can be a demanding and hectic world, takes foresight and a [...]

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